How Many Delta Diamond Medallion Members Are There-Benefits,Requirements,Customer service

How Many Delta Diamond Medallion Members are there-Benefits,Requirements,Customer service

Here you will know about members, Benefits,Requirements,Customer service of Delta Diamond Medallion.

How Many Delta Diamond Medallion Members Are There? 

Are you interested in finding out , how many Delta Diamond Medallion members are there ? Regrettably, Delta has not revealed the precise quantity of individuals holding Delta Diamond Medallion status. Consequently, determining the exact total remains a matter of speculation. These members enjoy the utmost priority from Delta Airlines.

Delta diamond medallion benefits-

Indulge in the Benefits of Delta Diamond Medallion Membership

Being a Diamond Medallion member comes with the privilege of selecting perks from a substantial "perks pool," each valued at up to $2000. These encompass:

- Four international upgrades

- Eight national upgrades

- Two global and four national upgrades

- Sky Club membership card

- The ability to gift Gold Medallion status to a friend

- 25000 bonus Skymiles

- Choice between a $200 Delta voucher or a $200 Tiffany and Company gift card

Other advantages entail:

- Increased miles accumulation with Diamond status

- Roll over MQMs for an advantageous head start in the new year's status

- "Clear" membership card for security checkpoint priority

- Complimentary luggage benefits

- Waived flight change fees

- Access to a dedicated VIP customer care phone line

 Delta diamond medallion requirements:

Earning a Diamond Medallion status becomes progressively challenging as you ascend through the tiers. Despite the complexity, this level offers an array of privileges, including complimentary flights and upgrades, making it a coveted choice for those seeking comfort and convenience.

Delta Skyline establishes requirements based on Medallion Qualifying Miles (MQM), Medallion Qualifying Segments (MQS), Medallion Qualifying Dollars (MQD), and the MQD waiver. The breakdown:

- MQMs are determined by flight distance and fare class.

- MQS reflect the number of flight segments, including connecting flights.

- MQDs correspond to the dollars spent on Delta flights, with potential for waiver.


To achieve Diamond Medallion status, travelers must:

- Accumulate 125,000 MQMs or complete 140 MQS within a year.

- Expend $15,000 MQDs or spend a minimum of $250,000 using an e-Delta card.

These stringent requirements make Diamond Medallion status an exclusive distinction within the Delta SkyMiles program.

What is a delta diamond medallion member?

A Delta Diamond Medallion member holds the second-highest SkyMiles status within the Delta Airlines ecosystem. This distinguished status is part of Delta's Medallion program, designed to reward travelers with an array of privileges and benefits.

Eligibility for medallion status hinges on the accumulation of a specific number of traveled miles. The program is open for enrollment to all travelers, allowing them to embark on a journey towards achieving varying levels of medallion status.

Delta Diamond Medallion customer service

Delta Airlines introduces a new pinnacle, Delta 360, surpassing even the esteemed Diamond Medallion status. While the pathway to obtaining Delta 360 status remains undisclosed, several key details have been revealed:

- Initiation into Delta 360 is by Delta's invitation, shifting the dynamic from traveler initiation.

- Delta 360 status undergoes an annual review after 365 days.

- Qualification for Delta 360 is tied to expenditure rather than distance traveled.

Members of Delta 360 enjoy a range of premium benefits, including:

- Direct access to agents, eliminating waiting times

- Executive Skyclub membership for an elevated airport experience

- Private transport between airport gates

- Customized luggage tags

- Expedited security clearance, thanks to the clear membership card.

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